Why are earthquakes happening with greater frequency and magnitude? Chapman's alternating crustal displacement theory

Why are earthquakes happening with seemingly
greater frequency and magnitude?

Global Earthquakes ChartI hate to burst your bubble, but, we are living in a fool’s paradise. Unless man starts to wake up to the damage he is causing, civilization as we know it, will cease to exist. Humankind at present is living in a paradigm few question. We have put at risk all life forms on planet Earth because of our lust and greed for material items and a rampant consumerism that has stripped the Earth of raw materials and the various life forms she has given birth to. The burgeoning populations of many countries have created the mechanisms that have come into force that will rip the planet’s surface apart. The basic science and principles are starring us in the face, yet we do not wish to acknowledge them.

Our pollution of the planet with the use of fossil fuels has led to a dramatic warming of the Earth’s climate, this in turn, has led to an unprecedented melting of the Earth’s polar ice in a very short time span, which in turn, has caused a tremendous shift of mass from the polar-regions to the world’s oceans. This shift of mass creates turning moments, or torsion upon the Earth’s crust, because of these unequal amounts of mass being subjected to centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the planet, which will, in turn, tear the Earth’s crust free from the underlying magma it floats upon because of shear stress (Re: Chapman’s 2010 theory, Alternating Crustal Displacement and the Torque Wrench Effect). This, of course, will cause a catastrophic event unparalleled in man’s history, rivaled only by the flood that covered mountains at the end of the Upper Paleolithic era around 13,500 BP.

Global Earthquakes ChartThe Earth’s crust is arranged in plates, tectonic plates that vary in thickness, 5-7 km for seabed, and from 35 to over 100 km for continental crust, depending upon its age. All this crustal mass, has, over billions of years, been evenly displaced over the Earth’s surface. Gondwanaland, the ancient single land mass, broke apart spreading its expanse across the planet’s surface with outpourings of lava filling in the gaps and forming a sea crust, leaving the landmasses distributed over the surface as we see them today. However, liquid, in the form of water and the natural processes of melting and freezing combined with the Earth’s varying tilt and gradual orbital shift from an elliptical to a circular orbit, provides a vehicle for the shift of billions upon billions of tons of mass around the globe, from polar to equatorial and temperate regions, to the reverse, i.e, equatorial and temperate regions to polar regions. This creates tremendous turning moments combined with centrifugal force that shears the crust like a free floating orange peel (Re: Dr Hapgoods 1959 theory, The Orange Peel Effect), free from the underlying mantle when the point of maximum friction tolerance is reached. Gravity and the inherent combined mass of crust and water resists this event, so the crust quickly reaches another point of homeostasis with mass equally distributed around the globe.

Amongst the events leading up to this crustal displacement is an increased frequency and severity of earthquakes, and, an elongation of the transverse faults leading to the poles, combined with a widening of fault areas such as the Rift Valley in Africa. This happens as the mass displacement starts to near the MFT point and stresses upon the crustGlobal Earthquakes Chart applied by torsion, which equals, mass x centrifugal force, come into effect. Naturally the tectonic plates will shift or subduct at its weakest points. Widening in some areas whilst folding under in others, i.e, subduction.

These events take place at the end of a glacial epoch and during the interstadial period leading up to the next glacial epoch or ice age at the end of an interglacial period, as long as certain criteria are reached(Re: Chapman’s 2010 theory on crustal displacement).

Man has unwittingly hastened his own demise by the unlimited use of fossil fuels, pouring billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, causing global warming and a worldwide meltdown of all polar ice and associated glacial areas. By quickening a natural process man has not only placed himself in danger, but, all other life forms on the Earth. An interglacial period lasts approximately 15,000 years, with a 2000 year interstadial period amalgamated into the beginning and end of each period, crossing over into the glacial epochs before and after. With natural melting of polar ice it is possible the MFT point would only have been reached in another 1-2000 years, if at all, as it is possible that a smooth transition could have taken place. Unfortunately, man in his esteemable wisdom has drastically accelerated this process, culminating in the problems he will shortly have to face. But, there is some good news and light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll never have to pay a parking or speeding fine for the rest of your life...

Chapman’s 2010 Theory of Alternating Crustal Global Earthquakes ChartDisplacement and the Torque Wrench Effect, in brief.

‘The uneven distribution of mass on the planet’s surface, caused by the interchange of water and ice between polar and equatorial regions at the end of a glacial epoch and interglacial period, creates turning moments, or torsion, upon the Earth’s crust, because of the unequal amounts of mass being subjected to centrifugal force generated by the motion of the planet. This creates Shear Stress and shears the crust free from the underlying mantle once Maximum Friction Tolerance is reached.’ 

What is the correlation between carbon pollution, earthquakes and tsunamis?

Because of the torsion applied to the tectonic plates and the subduction of certain plates under other plates and the steady increase of the forces applied to the plates, due to the transference of mass from polar regions to equatorial regions, which creates the torque wrench effect upon the Earth’s crust, earthquakes will increase in magnitude till the point of maximum friction tolerance (MFT). All this has been set in motion by man’s reliance on carbon based fossil fuels and his over exploitation of them. Volcanic activity will also increase, but the actual crustal displacement event will be a tipping point causing multiple volcanic eruptions simultaneously. The incidence of tsunamis will grow more frequent and more virulent, leading to a much greater displacement of water with higher leading waves.

Long term effects of the processes now underway.

In my opinion the cost in human life and property in the years to come will far outweigh any benefits carbon wastage provides. A more environmentally friendly usage of power and power production, will, in the long run, be far cheaper, in all probability only a fraction of the cost of the human and animal lives, destroyed property and infrastructure, and of course, economies that will be irreversibly damaged and destroyed due to man’s intransigence and unwillingness to change. A new world order will take shape, one in which the greed of man will not raise its ugly head, I hope...

‘The writing is on the wall.’

In Babylonian times, whence this phrase originated, actual writing appeared upon the walls of the palace of King Belshazzar in 538 BC heralding Babylon’s sack by the Persians. He refused to take notice and hence paid the price. Modern man too has been given a choice and the proverbial writing is on the wall. If we do not stop abusing fossil fuels and continue destroying the forests of Earth and do not convert to green fuels and power, civilization up to this point will cease to exist...

The Earth’s seasons.

The ice ages, what causes them? Our little green and blue shining jewel of a planet doesn’t have a perfect orbit, it tends to vacillate between an elliptical and circular orbit around the sun in orbital patterns that last 250,000(Glacial epoch) and 15,000(Interglacial period) years approximately. The elliptical orbit lies within the circular orbit and is the summer season. There is then a gradual shift towards a circular orbit which is the winter season, lasting around 250,000 years. The sun becomes distant and pale as the Earth cools down and the snows refuse to melt. To compound all of this the Earth has a habit of tilting. Its angle off the ecliptic varies from 22.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees. The greater the angle off the ecliptic, the more severe and colder the winters.

The differences between an ice age and interglacial, crustal displacement.

The torque wrench effect applies force to the poles but the result is still the same, the MFT point is reached, the crust breaks free, girrates, then, reaches a point of homeostasis, stabilizing again. A major difference in the dynamics at the end of an ice age would be the intense cold of the polar ice, and, so much of it, freezing oceans, rivers and streams, during the crustal displacement. This would also instantly propel life forms living in temperate areas into the middle of polar zones instantly freezing them. At the end of an interglacial period, water once locked up in the polar icecaps has now melted and caused the oceans to swell. (It is interesting to note here that during a glacial epoch because of the intense cold of the polar icecaps and the lower ambient air temperatures around the globe very little rainfall would have occurred. Available water would have been provided by glacial melt. A rainbow, probably, would have been unheard of.)

With a tremendous amount of water now available and ambient air temperature high, we now have the opposite scenario, too much rain. Imagine if you will, one of those gigantic storm clouds and the land under it suddenly being propelled into a cold arctic winter in the polar zones, it wouldn’t be long before large chunks of ice are falling from the sky. Because of the extra accumulated mass around the equator and the turning moments applied to the crust over a much greater surface area, there is a propensity for tectonic plate movement allied to volcanic activity with vast amounts of volcanic ash pumped into the atmosphere, seismic events, earthquakes and tsunamis. ‘The moon will become blood red and day will become night.’  

There’s an iceberg on the horizon.

“Captain, sir, there is an iceberg in front of the ship and we’re heading straight for it!” said a lowly lookout. The captain just looked at him arrogantly then turned the other way, ignoring the lookout. “Sir, if we don’t stop the ship and put the engines in reverse we’ll ram it!” The captain gives the young lad a steely look, “Don’t presume to know anything you young whipper snapper!” The captain gets on the horn to the engine room. “Full steam ahead and put more coal into the furnaces.

Helmsman, keep a steady course! You, boy, keep your mouth shut and know your place!” The young lad kept his mouth shut up to the point the ship hit the iceberg and sank... Notice the similarities between the Titanic and our own current way of life and civilization, our consumer driven materialistic lifestyle. . . Let’s burn more fossil fuels, melt all the glaciers and our polar icecaps, destroy the Earth’s forests and be damned if the planet’s crust rips apart...


Man is facing extinction and so too are many other species on Earth. Not only by his own hand, but by forces he is giving impetus to. In the past 440 million years there have been five great extinctions, at present man is powering number six, the Quaternary extinction. 440 million years ago  25 percent of life became extinct in the Ordovician period, life had begun in the sea more than 3.5 billion years before. Trilobites suffered but survived. In the Devonian era 370 million years ago 19 percent of life was lost, life had now colonized land, but many sea creatures perished.  The Permian era 250 million years ago, 54 percent of families were lost. This catastrophic extinction also wiped out trilobites as it did many forms of insects. In the fourth of the great extinctions, the Triassic, 210 million years ago, 23 percent of life was lost. The fith of the extinctions claimed the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous, 65 million years ago, mammals however, survived.

In the present Quaternary extinctions powered by man, the vast majority of life will be extinguished. So not only does life on Earth have to contend with overpopulation, overdevelopment, overhunting, overfishing and the destruction of natural habitats at present by humankind, but also the distinct possibility of an obliquity change of the Earth’s crust that could spell the destruction of many species tottering on the brink of destruction at present... And what of man’s nuclear weaponry, of his nuclear power stations, nano technology and his super pathogens at research laboratories... What would happen? Would we then have to cope with radioactive meltdowns and leaks, as in Japan, poisoning water reserves and making the land around uninhabitable... We cannot control our own technology at present when everything in the world is functioning, what happens when there is a total breakdown of infrastructure and society? 

A correlation between science, scripture, mythology and legend.

Humankind has always sought to make sense of the world around him, first in the form of myth, then, as he developed, religion, and finally science. Science has enabled man to really understand the world he lives in, much more than was ever possible in his past history. To really understand man’s sojourn and humble beginnings on Earth one has to delve deeply into his psyche, drawing together all the elements that were constructed by him to make sense of the universe.

Religion correlated with the crustal displacement theory.

Second ComingHow is the crustal displacement event, man is propelling the Earth towards, interlinked with scripture? It is interesting to note here that without science and geology the Biblical references in Revelation seem pure fantasy from an overactive imagination, no more fact than an alien invasion from space in a 50’s sci-fi novel, mysticism and devoid from reality. The Earth’s crust opening up, an angel with a key to unlock the abyss, blocks of ice falling from the sky, a black rain, the moon turning blood red, day turning to night, a great earthquake such as never before been felt, the clouds peeling back like a scroll being rolled up, seven angels with seven keys, a sign in the sky to herald the second coming, the dragons tail pulling down a third of the angels in heaven, a sulphurous smell everywhere, vents of steam rising from the earth, flying insects with a sting in the tail and a face like man, earthquakes in one place after another before the end, a city descending from the heavens to Earth with the water of eternal life, and, much more.

All this of course is God’s retribution on an evil recalcitrant mankind. It seems just a tad preposterous, doesn’t it? Talk to a scientist and ask him or her why have the transverse faults leading to the poles been lengthening over the past 7 years, why are we experiencing earthquakes of a high magnitude and so many of them in such a short span of time, why has the rift valley widened by one meter in one year? None of this makes any sense without a logical theory to explain the processes and the cause of it all.

In fact from the scriptural perspective it sounds like the musings of an angry prophet who has lost touch with reality. But, what is happening to the Earth is measurable and quantifiable, it is something that is tangible and we can see, unlike scripture, where everything has to be taken on faith. Faith in itself is not wrong, but when we attribute natural phenomena to the retribution of the gods the message itself is brought into question. ‘Demanded by the gods it is!’ Unlike Jar-Jar Binks’ saying, not everything can be attributed to the gods. Much of scripture is also from man’s experience, oral handing downs from the past, myth and legend, events that were so awe inspiring and devastating that they were ingrained in man’s psyche. But, this by no means rules out the God factor.

There have been many impactful events in the last 3.6 million years from whence Australopithecus Afarensis derived, a very remote ancestor of ours. As minute genetic changes took place within the double helix of man’s deoxyribonucleic acid chromosomes over millions of years, as dictated by a changing environment, he became Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or wise man. ‘Maybe though, someday in the future, he will truly become wise, as his actions at present are not those of a wise man.’ Humankind’s transition through the Homo genus from Habilus to Erectus to Archaic Homo Sapiens, through Neanderthalis and finally Sapiens Sapiens, has transitioned him through a very tumultuous period in Earth’s history, they call it ‘the brain enlarging formulae of the ice ages.’ In this time he has witnessed many events, obliquity changes of the Earth’s crust and the conditions prevailing before, during and after these events. Living in forests, gigantic floods seemingly covering the entire surface of the planet, all these events have remained with him and been an oral record of his history, passed down from generation to generation until  written language in the form of cuniformic script was invented.

Written language is not always an effective medium as a storehouse of ancient memories though as much has been lost in the course of millennia.  These oral traditions and reflections have transmuted into the scripture we hold in high esteem today. So, they are not the musings and thumb suckings of an archaic people devoid from reality. Chapman’s 2010 theory of alternating crustal displacement and the torque wrench effect, defines and makes sense, of what on the surface, may seem to be writings inconsistent with reality, containing nothing but mystical prose and nonsense.

Why black rain? Why giant blocks of ice falling from the sky? Why the clouds peeling back like a scroll being rolled up?

In this section a correlation between scripture and the natural events caused by a crustal displacement will be drawn. What is the sign of his presence? Look up into the heavens, it is said in Revelation. What will you see? You will see the sun oscillating back and forth... Why a black rain and day turning to night with the cries of the disenfranchised in the darkness, why also the need to keep your lamp filled with oil? The ash from the volcanic eruptions, caused by the crustal displacement, will be thrown into the Earth’s upper atmosphere, darkening day time dramatically. The moon, naturally, will look blood red... Day turning to night can also be a reference to the Earth’s oscillations, shunting daylight areas into night time and vice-versa, it will look as though a light switch is being thrown on and off. Ash will mix with water forming a bitumous rain...

Why giant blocks of ice falling from the sky? In the course of the Earth’s oscillations during a crustal displacement event, at the end of an interglacial period, storm clouds will be thrown into polar zones, freezing the water instantly. Naturally these blocks of ice will drop from the heavens on the land below which is also oscillating back and forth. It is interesting to note here that because of gravity we will not feel motion and it will look as if the sun and stars are moving back and forth, dancing across the sky, not us. Because of the sudden displacement of the crust, clouds will also, seemingly, move as though being rolled back like a scroll...

Revelation speaks of the dragon’s tail dragging a third of the angels down. This is not a literal dragon and they are not literal angels. The dragon’s tail is a pictogram made out of the stars in heaven. As angels and stars were one and the same to the ancients it is logical to assume that stars were inferred. After a crustal displacement event it will seem as though the dragons tail has dragged a third of the stars below the horizon... The key to the abyss, spoken of in Revelation, what is it? Is it a literal or metaphoric key? It is not a literal key, but, the actual turning moments and forces acting as though they were a giant torque wrench applied to the Earth’s crust splitting it open and revealing the magma below... The Abyss of old, Hell or Hades...

The two floods amalgamated into one? How does the flood relate to an obliquity change?

Five hundred years before our common era, Jewish scribes decided that having two separate flood tales in Genesis was too much, so they decided to amalgamate them into one. Hence the present form of the tale of Noah reflected in scripture today. Out of the two tales, one reflected a time long ago in past history whereupon the flood waters reached and washed over the very tops of the mountains themselves, the other, in which the depth was a little over 25 ft and covered the land as far as the eye could see. The first flood happened at the end of the upper Paleolithic era at approximately 13,500 BP, its cause was the rapid melting of the polar icecaps of one to two miles in height after being propelled into warm temperate zones because of a sudden shift in the obliquity of the Earth’s crust.

Because of the tremendous amount of mass deposited as snow and compacted into ice during the last glacial epoch, it created such a distortion in mass distribution on the planet’s surface, that giant turning moments, using centrifugal force as the wrench, ripped the Earth’s crust(Lithosphere) free from the underlying mantle, after reaching the point of maximum friction tolerance. With the obliquity now changed and the poles positioned in warmer climes the melt water pooled within the ice walls until they too had weakened and broke allowing a torrent of water a mile to two miles in height cascade onto the land below. It is no wonder, then, that there are caves in Europe where Upper Paleolithic man, herbivores and carnivores are found together crushed and mingled in brecia deposits and that similar mixed deposits are found on mountain tops. As the flood waters ravaged the land in the north and south and 22 mega fauna in Eurasia became extinct and 48 in the Americas, Africa was spared somewhat.

There are many oral traditions in Africa of a time long past when the tribesmen of that era had to run far inland to escape the rising waters of the sea in order to cheat death. In Inuit tales only those that were in their sea canoes lived. In South American tales only those that reached the tops of mountains survived. In Vedic and Central American lore certain families lived because of secreting themselves in the wood of trees. There are over 60 references to the great flood of that time reflected in mythologies and legends worldwide and some mention a Noah type character, so it is conceivable that there was an Upper Paleolithic Noah who tried to save as many creatures as he could, and whose tale was morphed with that of Napishtim, the Sumerian folk hero, by the Jewish scribes. Today, the remnants of that great flood can still be seen, the great lakes in the USA, the Black sea, which use to be fresh water. The effects of millions of tons of water cascading onto a prehistoric land can also be seen today, even the valleys whence ice age glaciers once carved out of stone remain. We only need an approximate time period in which to look for the clues...

The second flood occurred in Sumeria in around 3,500 BC, between the Tigris and Euphrates and is reflected in Sumerian and Babylonian cuneiform scripture and legend (The Tales of Gilgamesh). The Talmudic character is referred to as Noah, the Sumerian, Utnapishtim or Napishtim. The stories of Napishtim and Noah are so closely mirrored that we can assume they are one and the same. ‘Ea spoke through the walls of reed in a dwelling in Shurripak, saying, “Oh, man of Shurripak, gather all your belongings and riches, build of yourself an ark in which to secrete you and your family and all that is yours, as a great rain is coming, as the other gods are full of anger...”’ Anyway, that is, in brief, what Ea said to Napishtim. True to their word the gods caused a great rain to fall, flooding over 300 square miles of lower Mesopotamia. The flood rose to a depth of over 25 ft covering everything in its path. Much later, in his bitumen covered ark, Napishtim released a dove to find land... This legend is reflected in archeological findings in the form of silt flood deposits in lower Mesopotamia, even the reed huts were found in the strata just below the silt. There was another event that occurred around 6,500 BC, when the Bosporus broke through into the Black sea, filling it with salt water. There were settlements around the edge of this great fresh water sea caused by the flood and melt waters of 13,500 BP, but, it is not the event or events reflected in scripture...

The heavens or heaven – space? Mid-heaven – where the birds fly?

Where is heaven? Have you ever pondered over this. The common belief is some indeterminate realm in a different dimension. However it is much simpler than that, mid-heaven is where the birds fly, it states that quite plainly in the bible, and heaven? The stars were once thought of as the campfires of the ancients, then that changed, and the pre-dominate thought was that they were angels. So, stars were angels and angels, stars. They dwelt in heaven which we know as space. We still call space the heavens. So, where do angels come from, these extra-terrestrial beings – space – where they dwell amongst the stars...

A new spin on scripture and the archaic thought processes of the bible writers, UFO’s and new age thinking.

Do extra-terrestrials have a sense of humor? By the way they fly their spacecraft, yes... But, do they really exist and have we come into contact with them? We will now be entering the realm of science fiction and religion where we will infuse logic to gain insight and enlightenment. In this section we will unashamedly delve into the mythological, philosophical and theological realms... We are meant to look like them, and have the capacity to show love like them, but, we are archaic, our thoughts dwell on greed, lust and want, never satisfied with anything and prepared to kill to satisfy our desires. God’s angels came to give a message, of peace and love. How we can live in harmony with our neighbor and ourselves. It could be said of the Bible that it is a storehouse of knowledge transmitted to man by extra-terrestrial beings, a manual of what to do and what not to do. Ancient peoples did not have the knowledge and understanding of the world around them, and the universe, which we have today, they thought in mystical archaic terms. The Bible reflects these thought patterns. Taking the rib from a creature and making genetic improvements, then manufacturing another human being, is possible for us to do today. Making a bush appear it is on fire without it actually burning to a crisp, is also possible.

I am not denigrating the mystical wonderments portrayed in the Bible, but are merely illustrating the possibility that an advanced race could do all this and much more. What would mystify the ancients of yesterday would barely arouse minute curiosity of modern man today. It would be more logical that an alien race could help man along as a science project, so to speak. Man would eventually create writing and hence scripture, documenting his contact with the angels and God, and thereby impart the knowledge of good and bad. The Bible contains segments that on the surface are so fantastical they are hard to transmute into the natural scheme of things. But extra-terrestrials (Refer to Revelation), I understand, it just seems more logical and reasonable, they will use constructed items that will shine with lights that look like different colored stones, and look like a city as it descends from heaven or as we call it, space... Correlate this with the incidence of unidentified flying objects which observe and do not interact, and things become clearer... A lot of UFO incidents can be explained, but, there are many that can only be termed, ‘Watchers.'

An extra-terrestrial race that has seen the dawn of the human race would certainly know about Earth’s dynamics and its upheavals, certainly wanting man to document such, so whether by oral tradition, angels or extra-terrestrials, or the messiah,  the message in Revelation, however convoluted and mystifying, got through...  

Other-worldly beings, Roswell, how do they fit into this, science fiction meets reality?

Lenticular Re-entry VehicleAliens, I am told, are intelligent, they can fly faster than the speed of light, get from one part of the galaxy to the next without a problem, are very good at telepathy and seeing the future, but crash into insignificant planets like our mother, Earth! Let me for once and all dispel the bunk about Roswell. Yes it was a balloon, and yes it was a spaceship. Does that clear things up, no, alright, it was a terrestrial spaceship not an extra-terrestrial one. The design of the Roswell spaceship was saucer shaped, with two fins on the back and a cockpit upfront. It was the early prototype of the Lenticular Re-entry Vehicle with an ablative honeycomb material on its underside for re-entry. On either side of the crew area was space for four nuclear weapons. So, this ship was a weapons platform. The initial plans and concept came from Germany at the end of world war two. Its fuel was, unfortunately for the USAF pilots, very volatile, having a tendency to explode, hence the hole it made in the hillside and presumably killing the crew. Orson Welles had created a lot of alien hysteria with his ‘War of the Worlds’ radio show and the 50’s pop culture was saturated with an alien sub-culture, in comics, books and cinema. This transmuted into alien hysteria when the first townsfolk came across the crash site. The witnesses saw a spaceship and they saw bodies in silver suits, yes, but the ship was not alien, nor were the unfortunate test pilots in high altitude silver pressure suits. Their minds, saturated in that alien sub-culture and the hysteria it produced, warped reality, and in their minds they were seeing alien beings from outer space. Because of the interest and news the incident created the flight testing of the X-ship shifted to Australia where another accident occurred. It is unclear whether testing continued or the program was cancelled. If the program continued the black project would have launched the ship high into the atmosphere with a huge helium filled balloon, then, using rockets, the ships internal power would have boosted the ship to a geostationary orbit above the USSR.

News that the USA had a nuclear arms advantage such as this back in the 50’s or 60’s or 70’s would not have gone down well with the Russians. The design of the ship was de-classified in the late 90’s. If the project was successful, and there is a strong possibility that this is the case, the United States of America would have been the first country to launch a man into space. But, as happened to Chuck Yeager and the X-1 breaking the sound barrier, where the news was delayed in order that the Russians did not catch up to American technology, in the case of the X-ship there would never be any news about a breakthrough in technology that could be used to the detriment of the United States if the Russians ever found out about it, even if it had meant Yuri Gargarin would have been second... A point to remember is that some UFO’s are terrestrial and some extra-terrestrial... Back to the aliens or extra-terrestrials, as man searches the depths of outer space trying to find a glimmer of intelligent life in that vastness we call the universe. Man is doing his utmost to locate life elsewhere, trying to have a first contact, but always overlooking anything that is staring him in the face. Let us take a look at Revelation in the bible, Rev. 21: 9-12 ‘And there came one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls which were full of the seven last plagues, and he spoke with me and said: “Come here, I will show you the bride, the lamb’s wife.” So he carried me away in the power of the spirit to a great and lofty mountain, and he showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God and having the glory of God. Its radiance was like a most precious stone, as a jasper stone shining crystal-clear. It had a great and lofty wall and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names were inscribed which are those of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.’

It sounds like a spaceship to me. To an intelligent race cellular rejuvenation shouldn’t be a problem, if you continue reading Revelation. Just remember 2000 years ago quantum physics was unheard of, neither was an aircraft let alone a spaceship, so how else would an itinerant herder of sheep describe what he saw in a vision. This spaceship is the bride of the human lamblike ones, and the ship will arrive 1000 years after the obliquity change event. So scripture could very well be a record of extra-terrestrial contact dating back thousands of years. Remember, heaven is space, and the city descended out of heaven. It really reminds me of a Richard Dreyfus moment in a Stephen Spielberg film. Honestly, would the bible have lasted this long if it wasn’t written in mystical prose? I personally have never seen any unidentifiable flying objects, but, there are many military pilots that have, and, given chase. It is up to the individual to decide what she or he wants to believe or disbelieve.

Why does humankind feel it is necessary to destroy our home by overpopulation, pollution and greed.

One would think, by now, man would have learnt tolerance and love for his fellow creatures on this spaceship we call Earth. Unfortunately he doesn’t care, even when he has books like the bible to teach him qualities that will help with not only his survival, but all the rest of the creatures on Earth too. All life on Earth is a symbiosis and the sooner man learns this the greater are his chances for survival into the following millennia. If one suffers, ultimately, all will suffer... Live and let live...

Let the politicians stand up, “There is no problem!”

The intellectual pygmies of the world would never stand up and say, “Houston, we have a problem.” No, they will prefer to stay in their ivory palaces living in denial, and spouting such to humankind in general, living off the fat that oil and coal provides, until that is, they get swallowed up by the earth beneath their feet. Oh, there will be one thing they will be doing, shaking their heads and saying, “Poor, poor, people,” as each new disaster is compounded upon the previous one. The next thing they will do is calculate, in financial terms, how it has affected their economies.

The hitch-hikers guide to the solar system, life and all that.

Earth, an insignificant planet, third away from the sun. Intelligent life – none...

A New Heavens and a New Earth?

VolcanoDoes this mean our old Earth and space, with its stars and everything else in creation is, to put it plainly, screwed? Man has this idiotic idea that the world we see today is the world that has existed for all eternity. This is but arrogant stupidity. The land forms in the last glacial epoch were vastly different. The politicians smile and spread on the snake oil, they tell us that there is nothing wrong, standing there in their immaculate suits, shirts and ties with neat haircuts, speaking with the tongues of snakes. The industrialists living in their ivory palaces of concrete, steel and glass, impress upon us that nuclear power is safe, that their products meet the standards bureau, and as our world crumbles around us and the masses scream in terror and confusion, they will laugh at us for our gullibility in believing their lies while our great cities are swept into the oceans of the world, large swathes of land are covered in volcanic dust and swallowed up in great upheavals, as the Earth convulses with the false prophets standing on the graves of the masses. Why, because they just don’t care, they are not interested in stopping deforestation, they are not interested in stopping global warming, they are only interested in how many dollars they can cram into their already full pockets.

These are my musings, “Every day some new insanity wells up from the depths of man’s mind, and in his esteemable wisdom, formulates it and puts it into practice. Am I cross, definitely! This insanity has spread across the entire human race, around the globe, the insanity of greed and materialism. Man has no right to destroy the Earth. Man has no right to destroy every living thing our mother Earth has given birth to. And, for this, man shall receive his just recompense. . . For the things to come are of his own doing, and for his recalcitrance to stop his evil ways.”  They would sacrifice humanity and all other species on the planet on the altar of commerce...

The Urus [meaning men of light] are said to be descendants of those who built the megalithic constructions at Tiahuanaco by Lake Titicaca. The docks of Tiahuanaco are some 12 miles distant from the lake. Their legends tell of them inhabiting the area before the age of darkness and remember when the sun reappeared. By tradition the name of the area was called Tsahuantin-Suyu, or, the ‘Common gathering place of all the Nations’, who have meant to have fled there at the time of the flood and earthquakes that shook the world. A New Earth? The point I am making is, this will not be the first time a crustal displacement will have taken place, nor will it be the last. The crust will shift and undergo tremendous upheaval, and, after a certain time enveloped in a cloak of darkness provided by billions of tons of ash from volcanic eruptions, it will emerge, a ‘New Earth’. The Bible speaks of paradise on Earth after the event, what this refers to is verdure growth because of the amount of ash and bitumous rain pouring billions of tons of nitrates onto the soil causing the Earth to blossom. A New Heavens? After the crustal displacement the star field will be different, having shifted a certain amount of degrees, this, is your New Heavens... It is not my purpose to frighten man, but to enlighten, and, for man as a whole to accept culpability for what is about to happen, ‘For, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,’ which, unfortunately for us, we have caused and set in motion, and, for man to survive, ‘You will have to cultivate a very strong mental attitude...

The Aztec New Heavens and New Earth.

On the face of it the worship of the Sun god by the Aztecs and the sacrificial nature of their religion seemed a touch barbaric in nature, but then, on the other hand, Christianity had the Inquisition and witch hunts in which millions died painful deaths, for no reason at all. Some sacrificial victims went joyously to their deaths, if not drugged, as their sacrifice would ensure the rising of the Sun the following day. In the case of Tlaloc, the rain god, those sacrificed hurled themselves into the sacred well at Chitchenitza to ensure good rains for the benefit of all... It all seems a bit odd in this modern day and age, but, standing where they were, it made logical sense, for, imagine if you will, a racial memory extending back hundreds of thousands of years, passed down through generations upon generations, because of the extreme conditions that prevailed and which they experienced firsthand, giving rise to the five suns or ages they refer to in Aztec and Mayan scripture.

At present we are about to enter into a new period. Each age is preceded by a cataclysmic event which gives rise to the name of the age, at present we are in the age of the Water/Sun, the Fire/Sun will follow... In ages past in the mists of time the Aztecs had witnessed a nova appear in the Pleiades group of stars and then the disappearance of one star, leaving six instead of the previous seven. In Greek mythology there were originally seven daughters of Atlas, they were transformed into the seven stars of Pleiades, the invisible seventh, or, lost one, Merope, had concealed herself out of shame for having loved a mortal. The ancient Amerind’s knowledge of astronomy was far in advance of Mediaeval and Renaissance Europe, their observational skills and records and their concept of astrophysics, their understanding of the orbital nature of the planets and the Sun was close to our understanding. They had witnessed the death of a star, and, stars were suns like our own, and, gods, to appease the god a sacrifice would have to be made in order for the Sun to rise the following day for the good of all humankind. Because of this, the Aztec Priesthood was obeyed in totality and their King was part god, part priest...

The Aztec Religion.

Quetzalcoatl preached universal love and beauty and the worship of a benevolent Heavenly Father, who was honored by gifts and flowers, acclaimed by the Toltecs and Nahuas. The early Aztecs adopted and followed this religion handed down to them... Up until 1428 worship continued in the old tradition until the Emperor Ixcoatl [Obsidian Snake] defeated the Tepaneca, the rulers of Azacapatzalco, masters of the island upon which the city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan was founded and built. Instantly the whole pattern of Aztec life was transformed, all changed by Ixcoatl, a Hitler-like character. This was all compounded by Tlacaelel, who was Chief Counsellor to three successive kings. As a precursor to Dr. Goebbels, he organized the destruction of all the old codices and completely rewrote Aztec history, instilling twisted martial concepts and blood letting. Tlacaelel and the Aztec priests instituted human sacrifice to prevent the death of the fifth sun, allowing it to continue its journey across the heavens each day. Tlacaelel formulated the concept of blood sacrifice in that the Sun and the Universe were sustained and supported by the mystical qualities of blood. When the temple of Huitzilopochtli was consecrated in 1486 some 80,400 men had their hearts torn out in ritual sacrifice and offered to the Sun. Blood drenched the sides of the temple...

The Aztecs waged war out of a need for prisoners for this propitiatory offering, instead of an actual need for the spoils of war and the control of territory. All of this placed the Emperor Priest on the level of a god and gave the Aztec Priesthood total control over the Aztec peoples. But, not all Aztecs believed this was right and continued to follow the teachings of Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl had prophesized his return and the destruction of such ungodly practices, ridding the land of the evil which had given birth to it...

The Aztec/Mayan Year.

It is feasible that the shock caused by a crustal displacement [The sudden release of the Lithosphere, then, the sudden lock back.] could cause the diurnal rotation of the Earth to advance or retard. Thus, shortening the Earth’s day to 23 hours, or, extending it to 25 hours. This would correlate to the Aztec calendar which had 360 days and five extra lost days, which the priesthood took advantage of to extract more control over the Aztec peoples. Their calendar is said to be pre-cataclysmic in nature, having been devised before the last crustal displacement and the flood of Biblical proportions after it. 

Mu, Lemuria and the Land of Lyonese.

The legends of Mu and Atlantis may seen to be far fetched, but, and this is a big but, there is a growing body of circumstantial evidence pointing to the existence of those lands. A very recent example would be the land of Lyonese around the Scilly Isles leading to Lands End. Somewhere between 420 and 460 AD this land was swamped by a storm surge leaving only two survivors, a man called Trevilian and his horse. The land of Lyonese was low lying with many fair sized towns and villages and a hundred and forty churches. The Cornish name for this land was Lethowstow. Trevilian escaped by riding as fast as he could toward the mainland. Maybe there weren’t as many towns and churches, but the fact remains that the land was above water in recent history, archaeology confirms this... Fact: Sea level has risen dramatically over the past 13,500 years. Fact: The North Sea was mammoth steppe during the last glacial epoch.

Fact: The pressure from the gigantic polar icecaps during the last glacial epoch pushed the Lithosphere down into the upper mantle causing a bulging and swelling in other areas such as the mid Atlantic and mid Pacific, forcing those areas above sea level. As the ice melted the polar areas went up and other areas sank into the seas. Places like Mu and Atlantis, and, other more recent examples could be connected to that same gradual sinking due to the on-going polar melting. Fact: The land masses we see today are vastly different from those of the last glacial epoch and the beginning of this inter glacial period. Fact: Civilizations, or parts thereof, have been submerged and now rest at the bottom of the world’s oceans. There is much undersea archaeological evidence to support this. Whether Paleolithic in nature, Neolithic or more recent.

Fact: Within a period of 15,000 years after being destroyed by a cataclysmic event and covered in lava and volcanic ash, being submerged at the bottom of an ocean, even with a civilization such as ours there would be very little left. Fact: Up to the 19th century Troy was thought to be a myth until Heinrich Schliemann put the pieces of the puzzle together and excavated, finding the site upon which Troy was built and various successive fortifications. Fact: Until the right evidence comes to light, Atlantis and Mu will be considered a myth in the same way Troy was. Fact: Just as Lyonese off Cornwall was swamped by a storm surge around 420 AD, so too will our civilization if we keep polluting the planet with carbon dioxide. Scientists have stated that at our present rate of carbon production we will reach the same levels as the carboniferous age some 40 million years ago by 2050, and, the oceans will be 500 feet higher. Fact: There is a tremendous body in the form of legend about the Golden Isles of the west, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to Graeco-Roman, Norse and Celtic myth and legend. Plato’s poem on Atlantis to the Sais Egyptian priests, who referred to the Atlanteans war-like manner and how their civilization ceased to exist, they were not referring to a Minoan or Phoenician civilization based on or around an island in the Mediterranean either, but a mid Atlantic continent possibly 11,000 years ago.

EarthquakeThe Five Suns.

The five ages of the Mexicana, Incan peoples are demonstrated by their long race memory and denoted by: A recurring theme of darkness falling over the entire Earth. The Mayans and Aztecs believed, according to their religion, there are only five Suns, hence, why their calendar ends in December 2012. Their divine knowledge of global warming due to industrialization and excess carbon pollution is questionable, but, their racial memory had noted and taken cognizance of five distinct periods of Earth’s history preceded by violent earthquakes, tumultuous storms and floods combined with a period of time when the Sun was blackened out then reborn, giving a new Sun and heralding in a new age, which can be correlated to the Biblical vision of a New Heaven and a New Earth...

Portents, Warnings – World Cataclysm.

The ages in recent, and not so recent, memory of man, are littered with warnings and precursors of cataclysmic events to come, portents of future events. From Aztec history Princess Papantzin, the sister of Montezuma, was given a vision of the conquistadors and a portent of things to come by an angel. This was well documented and authenticated, since she had died and was resurrected. In recent years the study of Quantum physics has led us to the realization that the immediate past, present and future could be one and that our mind organizes the passage of time as a linear event. So, therefore, the possibility exists that certain individuals may possess the ability to access future events and have portents of the future. Papantzin was not the only one to have a glimmer or vision of the destruction of the Aztec empire, Quetzalcoatl had foretold its demise because of its wickedness some 1500 years previously [I have used the beginning of our common era for his arrival in the Americas, and, that of Viracocha in Peru and Columbia because of the similarity of both Incan and Aztec religious practices. See ‘He Walked the Americas’ by L. Taylor Hanson] to Catholicism.

However, it is possible that these practices derive from a common pagan root and are much older, pushing the arrival of both Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha much further back. Both were fair skinned gods of tall stature, both had beards and came from the sea originating in the east. They taught a religion based on love and imparted metalworking and crop culture to the indigenous peoples of that time. There are legends also relating to their travels in North America as well. The point I am making is that portents and warnings of the impending doom of our civilization are not restricted to the Bible alone, but are reflected in legends and mythology and scripture around the world...

The Sky People.

There is a repetitive theme running through all cultures, in scripture, myth and legend, about Sky People or Angels descending from the heavens above, or, in Vedic scripture, extra-terrestrial gods in their sky vehicles, whether making war upon one another, providing food in times of need such as when the Quillayutes were starving as storms raged and tumult reigned: Their Chief prayed and the ‘Thunderbird’ appeared from the heavens carrying a whale, which it deposited next to them. This bird, an eagle with an extra head, was powerful enough to carry off whales in its talons. Lightning flashed from its beak and when it flew, its wings roared thunder, hence the name ‘Thunderbird’. This giant bird lived in a lofty mountain cave whence the noise of the bird was such that men were too terrified to go near its home. It sounds like a spaceship, doesn’t it!

There are amorous celestials, helpful celestials, warlike celestials – In fact a gamut of them appearing to the simpler more tribal-like people of the past. Then, it seems, there was a cutoff point whereupon such contact was limited, however, their imprint and contact with humanity has remained, reflected in tales, in scripture, myth and legend – morphing into the culture and our society of today, typified by the use of the ‘Thunderbird’ motif in popular and ancient culture. In Biblical and Talmudic scripture there is the repetitive theme of Angels mating with humans and begetting giants, this same feature is reflected also in the indigenous cultures in the Americas, and, most probably, from contact with their cultures... We are searching for extra-terrestrial life in the universe, yet, we fail to realize what an intrinsic quotient to human life they have been, being just out of reach, but, reflected in our own scripture, myth and legends. There are signs and clues all around us if we would but see them...

State of Affairs.

Melting Polar Ice capsThe state of things to come and their consequences can be blamed solely on governments and big corporations, and, their refusal to acknowledge the Kyoto Protocol and reduce emissions to 1990 levels. In addition to this, worldwide governments’ failure to stop, and their endorsement of, logging and the worldwide destruction of forests and green areas. Their hunger and greed for money has turned the Earth against humankind. In no way can the events to come be blamed and leveled against a higher deity. It is a natural phenomenon that humankind has turned a blind eye to – The changes of weather we are experiencing are just a natural precursor to a far greater ill for humankind and all life on planet Earth...

Extrapolating the melt rate that is occurring at present, scientists have concluded there will be no polar ice during the summer periods by 2040 – Therefore, by this admission of the failings of humankind to get to grips with their own pollution, an obliquity change, or, crustal displacement, will occur before 2040. Because of deforestation and quickening melt rate, it will probably occur sooner rather than later, possibly during peak summer in either the northern or southern hemispheres. Joe Public and his ignorance and unwillingness to get involved in a solution to the problems we have created is also to blame for this Earth supplied wakeup call. You have created an untenable situation and now all we can do is give you a warning, a warning to all the citizens and denizens that inhabit Terra Firma...

Time Frame, When will it Happen?

A Crustal Displacement will occur at a time of maximum torsional force applied to the Lithosphere and underlying upper mantle, which would correlate to a glacial maximum, at a point where the amount of ice deposited at the poles causes the lithosphere to reach maximum shear force and maximum friction tolerance. The same with an interglacial period except it is now reversed, with the polar ice caps in severe remission and at a point of maximum glacial and Arctic/Antarctic melt. Scientists, have, based on the present glacial and polar melt, extrapolated a figure of 2040 for there to be no summer ice at the poles, which, is a key indicator in this respect. Shear force and torsion applied to the Earth’s crust can both produce quantifiable products, so, an extrapolation of figures from the extension of transverse fault lines leading to the poles, to the widening rate of Africa’s Rift Valley and the frequency and severity of earthquakes, should provide a very good indicator of a crustal displacements time frame. So therefore, in rough terms, the point of Maximum Shear Force and Maximum Friction Tolerance will be greater than 2011, and, less than 2040...

Let me reiterate the fact that man has drastically accelerated this process due to the global warming, through pollution, he has caused. In the natural play of events this would have occurred in some two thousand years time at the end of an interstadial period... If you want to slow the process down, switch off your lights and geyser at home, make the change to solar power. Don’t use your car or other modes of transport that rely on fossil fuels. Don’t buy products from countries that are major polluters. Get to grips with carbon pollution and stop global warming now!

Play by Play of the Events.

Leading up to the crustal displacement there will be a gradual increase in the severity and frequency of earthquakes. The weather, because of extra moisture in the atmosphere due to global warming, will change for the worse around the globe, with storms also increasing in frequency and severity, with an associated weather pattern change. These are leading up to a much greater and more damaging Earth wide event...

There will be a sudden increase of seismic activity approximately 12 hours before the crustal displacement, the Earth’s rotation will then begin to slow down. [This happens because the torque applied to the Earth’s crust will have increased to such an extent that the tectonic plates are no longer able to soak up said forces any longer and the various plates seemingly act as one surface upon which the force is exerted as they lock together. The forces begin to retard the motion of the crust around the Earth’s core, lower mantle and Athenosphere. Maximum Friction Tolerance is also being reached, so the upper mantle seemingly portrays a plasticity that causes it to stretch between the Athenosphere and Lithosphere.] When Maximum Friction Tolerance is reached the crust becomes free floating and separates from the underlying layers. It will oscillate wildly, so the sun [If you are in a daylight zone.] will rock back and forth in the heavens above, referred to as a ‘Sign in the Heavens’ in Revelation. If it is nighttime where you are, the stars and moon will portray the same oscillating motion. It will seem as though you are not moving at all because of gravity. The high altitude clouds will look as though they are peeling back and certain areas will be bombarded by large blocks of ice as lower altitude clouds are shunted into polar areas with the crust below.

VolcanoDuring this period of wild oscillation daylight areas will be shunted into nighttime areas and vice-versa, giving the effect of someone turning a light switch on and off. Depending on how cold it is at the poles during the displacement it could suddenly become absolutely freezing wherever you are. Freezing surface water and coating the ground with a frost, and, potentially causing death with the freezing cold temperatures. The Earth will crack, fault lines and fault zones will open and a tremendous earthquake [Worldwide] will occur with water courses drying up and volcanoes erupting. As the Earth stops oscillating the Earth will groan beneath your feet...

And now, the real fun begins. Tsunamis will attack the coastlines, vicious storms, tornadoes and hurricanes will spring up and a huge amount of mass in the form of volcanic ash will be released into the atmosphere, within three days blotting out the sun, moon and stars from our vision. When rain falls it will be a black bitumous one as the water will mix with the ash. Storms and volcanism will continue for the next two years, lessening in the third year as the ash is washed away through natural processes. All this ash will produce an, albeit changed, verdant productive Earth. However, I doubt very much, that the ancients factored in nuclear fallout and radiation from all the nuclear power plants, and, the possibility of nuclear weapons accidentally detonating, let alone the toxic chemicals and biological agents and viruses that could be released as well. And, what of the oil spills from fractured pipelines, ships and high pressure deep sea drilling that could turn the seas themselves into black sludge the world over? The man-made cataclysm could be much worse than the Great Tribulation the ancients feared...

What Can You Do?

The obvious immediate thing to do would be to lobby governments to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and reduce emissions drastically, as ‘to hell with economies’ because, shortly, there won’t be any. The next important thing to do would be to stop worldwide deforestation. During the Second World War entire nations got behind their governments and fought a terrible evil, they did so with a sense of purpose and a common goal, to defeat a heinous enemy. Everyone was involved. Would nations do the same today? I doubt it, man has become too self serving and too self centered, with greed ruling every aspect of modern life. We are not the same race that lived during the second Great War.

The other big question is, ‘Do any governments on Earth have an ounce of grey matter to share?’ Honestly, the way our Earth and life on it has been treated, they haven’t shown any intelligence whatsoever. ‘Could it be slowed, stopped or reversed?’ Probably, if we act now, the follow on question is, would anyone stop their greed filled ways? And in answer to that, in my heart of hearts, I would reply negatively... So, we warn governments of the impending calamity about to befall all life on our planet Earth, and, they don’t give a rat’s ass. What next? We have to prepare ourselves, by this I don’t mean go into the bush and become a survivalist, but, there are always alternatives and we should prepare ourselves for any eventualities... Start brushing up on your first aid and have a comprehensive medical kit and book available. Wherever you are find a safe place in a stable area to bed down, or, if this is not possible, a relatively stable area, with an accessible water supply if possible. If the area or spot becomes unsafe, move on. Get away from areas of volcanic activity and places prone to mudslides, avalanches, dams, places prone to flooding, volcanic islands, volcanoes that could spout masses of ash, or anywhere near the vicinity that would place you in danger immediately. Get to high ground to avoid storm surges, tsunamis and tidal waves. Find cover when the sun, moon and stars oscillate if possible to avoid falling debris and large blocks of ice.

There is also going to be one mother of a huge earthquake at this time with associated aftershocks, take cognizance of this fact. It is imperative you have warm jackets and clothes on hand. Have a rendezvous point for family, friends, team, unit, crew or congregation. You need to have a support group of people you can work together with. For those operating aircraft, ships and submarines: It is highly probable that during this period satellite and GPS systems will be inoperable, so be warned. It is also probable that a polarity shift of the Earth’s magnetic field will occur, so be warned. Submarines should head out into the ocean or sea but keep away from undersea ridges or any volcanic areas. Stay away from coastlines. A medium diving depth should be followed to avoid any sea crust upheavals and any surface disturbance. Ships should place a 360 watch on deck and assume battle stations status, it is probable that tsunamis will be heading inland so follow a bearing that takes you away from the coastline to avoid being washed inland. Head into the wave. Certain seas will be safer than others and it is up to the Ship’s Captain to make a judgment in the best interest of the crew, passengers and ship as there will be no hard and fast rules.

It is imperative Commercial, Private and Military aircraft should avoid bad weather due to water instantly freezing into blocks of ice and destroying their aircraft. An airport with high elevation should be chosen if possible, avoid emergency landings on islands and countries where volcanism is prevalent. Severe turbulence should be expected when descending to lower altitudes. It is quite probable that many airports will be inoperable, you will probably be flying VFR with no ground control also – So, Good Luck! With ash thrown into the upper atmosphere and blocking out sunlight, food is going to be a big problem, since farms will stop production, there will probably be no infrastructure to get the products to where they are needed anyway, so factor this into your emergency plans as well. Oil refineries will shut down and it is quite possible a large number of ships will be sunk. Financial institutions will no longer exist so the barter system will come back. There will be a complete breakdown of societal control and order, it will be the survival of the most well equipped. But, initially, the majority of the survivors will be in shock and not realize how long things will continue and what steps are needed to survive. Gasoline will be in demand also once stocks deplete, which will happen rather quickly, just think of the movie ‘Mad Max’ and you won’t be far wrong, just one helluva lot worse. Once you get to a safe area where you can bed down safely with your survival equipment you will need food to last at least a year. Two way radios, solar powered or hand generated equipment will be needed. Ham radios for contact with other countries around the world, as there will be no communication via satellite and possibly undersea cables. If your finance permits, at present, try to build stocks of food and water and purification tablets. Use bugs, rats, birds, anything for your initial food needs, don’t use your stocks, become hunters and gatherers. Mushrooms should flourish in the new environment, but you need to be careful, so get seeds to plant. Prepare to grow your own food. A stock of other seeds will also come in handy, so think ahead!

Warm clothes, wet weather gear, sleeping bags, tents, a stove and gas, water containers, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, dry food etc, are a must. Include also a shovel pickaxe and tools if you have to build your own emergency shelter. Prayer worked for the ancients and may work for you too, so don’t knock it. A nice cave with running water would be a good place to wait out the turmoil and strife, but, if that is not available, improvise! There will, however, be many man-made caves. A note to remember: A polarity shift in the Earth’s magnetic field may occur at the time of crustal displacement, so make allowance for this if you are using a compass. Don’t rely on your GPS, it won’t work. It is also highly probable that the rate of rotation of the Earth will change, which it seemed to have done after the last crustal displacement, quickening its revolutions. Use everything you have up to the max, don’t waste it, use your teabags several times, you may even want to incorporate the tea in your diet afterwards. Contacting others in places far away with a ham radio will be a great morale booster, so try to plan ahead. Avoid tall buildings or anything that will collapse, if you have a garden bury a couple of concrete sewerage pipes [big ones] in it for an initial shelter against falling blocks of ice and other debris and storms. If you can build a proper storm shelter or can convert a cellar into an earthquake, tornado and hurricane proof shelter, fantastic. Have packs ready for the family in event of emergency. Mountain bikes would also be handy. Above all – Don’t Panic! Running around like a headless chicken is going to help no-one...

Past, Present and Future.

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that there has been a coordinated action by an alien race to teach humanity the concepts of love and understanding and the beauty of life, throughout the world to different cultures. There was a war between two factions, those that wished more and continued interaction and choose human mates, producing offspring with them, and those that felt it was morally wrong, and that they compromised themselves by such actions, ‘That they were the teachers and leaders of a universal truth and faith and that their members had denigrated the word of the Heavenly Father.’ They were represented by two leaders, one that represented good and one that represented evil. It is a particularly long lived race, possibly even eternal, as, they have the metaphorical waters of eternal life. They have witnessed the many trials and tribulations planet Earth has undergone and may even have had a hand in the genetic advancement of humanity. They have given man a chance to progress spiritually in the form of morality and understanding, which, unfortunately has led to nothing but discord and destruction. They have tried to warn us of the impending destruction of our civilization through crustal displacement, but, in our arrogance we ignore their words. They are not only morally advanced but technologically advanced as well...

One thousand years after the ‘Big Earthquake’ or, as the Bible puts it, ‘The Great Tribulation’, they will descend from space in a huge city-like spaceship and dispense the metaphorical waters of life to those living at that time, but, more importantly, to those that are worthy of eternal life... They see the future through a combination of prescience and the extrapolation of current trends, the intrinsic nature of entities and a vast knowledge gained through thousands and thousands of years of observation. Even today, it seems as though they continue to watch – but ever mindful to keep a very, very, low profile. . . Gods, yes, but in a very different sense than we attribute to them... And, a final question, are we worthy?

Shaun Chapman’s bio and why, ‘Chapman’s Theorem of Alternating Crustal Displacement and the Torque Wrench Effect’?

Shaun Chapman is the author of the ‘Rocky’ African adventure series, plus many more other titles that will be released soon in e-book format on www.amazon.com. His study area has included Pure and Applied Mathematics, Psychology and Anthropology. He has a great interest in Geology and plate tectonics in particular. The Theorem arose because of his enquiring nature and his need to know more about the effects of the glacial epochs and their effects upon the lithosphere and underlying athenosphere and why there was such a dramatic release of carbon dioxide at the end of the last ice age in a very short period of time. The advance and retreat of the ice sheets during the last ice age was also something that fascinated him and how hotspots related to the ‘Orange Peel Effect’, as they, seemingly, do not change position, unless a powerful earthquake shifts the Earth’s crust fractionally, as evidenced by atolls and chains of volcanic islands. He understands that there are varying levels of viscosity under the Earth’s crust, but also states, “We do not know at what point the shearing takes place below the lithosphere, but logic would dictate it happens where the underlying mantle is at its most plastic.” He also states, “Any displacement event will also occur around a median point.”

The Theorem came about independently, with only the words ‘Orange Peel Effect’ from Dr Hapgood’s theory, which has placed him within the bounds of the ‘Geologic Lunatic Fringe’, as does any discourse on crustal displacement, even though it happens, albeit, on a very small visible scale... The Theorem originated through traditional methods of study and the originator, Shaun Chapman, retains the right to modify and adjust, just like the Earth’s crust, if needed. It was untainted by other works as Chapman feels very strongly about originality and is very much against plagiarism. He would like to thank Pedro Boshoff, a respected geologist and environmentalist, for the long discussions on geology, plate tectonics and his input, guidance and mentoring through the building process of the theorem. Chapman understands the plastic nature of compacted ice and glacial movement, but counterbalances this by the Earth’s obliquity and orbital cycle during the ice ages and the very nature of the transformation of water to ice during the glacial epochs, and, the tremendous build-up of ice at the poles and the very low sea levels.

Chapman acknowledges the interrelatedness of many other factors to bring about such a drastic effect as crustal displacement due to shear-stress and the application of torque stress upon the Earth’s crust by shifting mass in the form of water and ice, and, that it may not be accepted or respected by the vast majority of geologists or politicians... Chapman hopes that eventually by the application of logic a greater understanding will occur, as he states, “It wasn’t that long ago that the theory of plate tectonics was derided and ridiculed and thought of as totally preposterous...” and that, “why shouldn’t we, as laymen or others, ask questions and attempt to formulate answers if none are forthcoming, academic arrogance is unacceptable... Maybe, eventually, common sense will prevail when it comes to the unrelenting destructive processes humankind has forced upon our planet, Earth, and man’s culpability in this respect, because of his unbridled greed and the use of fossil fuels causing the redistribution of mass in the form of polar ice melt, and the catastrophic event it will cause...”