Why are earthquakes happening with greater frequency and magnitude? Chapman's alternating crustal displacement theory

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The Michael Jackson Effect. . .

Why do the great musical artists have to self implode and end up killing themselves with drugs or

What is Centrifugal Force - An Explanation

A force which impels a thing, or parts of a thing, outward from a center of rotation. The express

A combined Mathematical and Geological expression of Crustal Displacement

Crustal Displacement can be expressed mathematically as follows:
A sphere of known dimension

Indicators of crustal displacement dates

During the last glacial epoch in the Pleistocene period there were several crustal displacements,

Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, Al Gore and Richard Branson. . .

The following are my little anecdotes on Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, Al Gore and Richard

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Earthquakes 101

When the trempling stops, the disastar is only beginning.

Japan Earthquake Shortened Days,
Increased Earth's Wobble

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan lase Friday was powerfull enough to shorten Earth's day by 1.8 microseconds and throw an extra 6.7 inches (17 centimeters) into the planet's wobble, scientists say.

Earthquake Facts

Earthquake Facts


EarthquakeFacts.Net lists earthquake facts compiled over time and is still growing. This website also provides the history on famous earthquakes and pictures of the destruction left begind by these natural disasters

How Stuff Works

Earthquake Facts

Technically, an earthquake is a vibration that travels through the earth's crust.

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Using carbon pollution to regulate Earth’s climate. . . and, ‘COPOUT 17’. . .

2011-12-12 at 08:16

Instead of pandering to the industrialists and the political stakeholders ‘COPOUT 17’ could have achieved so much more, in fact anything is better than nothing. There was a lot of political babble and double speak with many a forked tounge, speak that doesn’t have one ounce of value, just, “We’ll agree to agree on the possibility of doing something in the future within a framework to be decided upon that is not set or cast in stone or measured in any quantifiable way or means therefore or heretofore laid out on a table with somewhat shaky legs leading to some sort of paradigm for which we will castigate the US and Canada while the rest of us pollute the planet to hell and back because we’re allowed to because we are developing countries and take no responsibility even though we use coal and other pollutants that cause untold suffering and discomfort worldwide and collectively plunging our planet into chaos – HA, HA, HA!’ So, while we at COPOUT 17 rest on our laurels and get a pat on the back for doing absolutely nothing you’all can rot at the bottom of the oceans under the pile of carbon pollution we dump on top of you. . . COPOUT 17’s motto, ‘Let’s plan to do it when it’s too late. . .’

To stave off an ice age, carbon pollution could be a good thing, but, to melt all the polar ice within a period of 40 or so years and to decimate the world’s forests within that period, and, likewise, go crazy with the use of other pollutants that cause global warming notwithstanding the use of coal and oil, well, that is just pain imbecilic. . .
The castigation of the US and Canada for being so called developed while countries like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil et al, labeled as undeveloped is exceptionally misleading. All are equally to blame, level the playing field. . . Hammering the original industrialized nations for past carbon emissions at the beginnings of the industrial revolution, is, well, a tad insane, when at the same stroke those ‘undeveloped nations already mentioned release enough carbon wastage in one year that the industrial revolution probably never attained in a period of 100 years. Lets me put it this way, in the technologically oriented world we live in all are equally blessed and have access to the same technology in some form or manner, and its products supplied by the Chinese (at what cost to the planet?). How can a rational being make the statement that China and India are undeveloped countries. The same can be said for South Africa. To be a developed country one must cover every single inch under a concrete jungle and have inner city decay et al. Seems we have our parameters a little twisted, yes? Every country on Earth is to blame for Global Warming, no-one is innocent, every country should reduce their emissions by percentage from what they emit at present. . . EQUALLY!!
COPOUT 17 – Just more HOT AIR!!